DTU Mechanical Engineering is an internationally recognized Department at the Technical University of Denmark. The Department offers attractive study opportunities for skilled international engineering students.

International students as well as Danish students studying mechanical engineering, energetics and design, attend the same classes and lectures. English is the language of instruction for courses at an advanced level. All textbooks, lecture notes, and exercises are in English; a knowledge of the Danish language is therefore not required. It is a prerequisite, however, that students possess a very good command of the English language.

Practical matters:
Student Guide

Study Handbook

Internationally well-reputed scientists and engineers undertake guidance and tuition. Most of the teaching at an advanced level is based on or directly related to ongoing research, to ensure high standards of instruction and to promote the education of highly qualified engineers who are scientifically up to date.

DTU and DTU Mechanical Engineering are not able to support international students financially, as we do not administer or offer any funds, scholarships, loans or bursaries for international students.

Funding to cover their travel, insurance and living expenses must therefore be raised and organized in due time before arrival to DTU.

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