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Stilling Sted Frist
PhD Scholarship in Ship Motion Dynamics Coupled with Data Analytics DTU Mekanik 30 JUN 18
Senior Researcher in Characterization and Modelling of Thermomechanical Processing of Metals and Alloys DTU Mekanik 22 JUN 18
Eksternt lektorat i metodisk konstruktion DTU Mekanik 02 JUL 18
Postdoc with background in Chemistry and Experience in Gas-Analysis and/or Catalytic Reactor Chemistry DTU Mekanik 29 JUN 18
Eksternt lektorat i Computer Aided Design DTU Mekanik 27 JUN 18
Postdoc in 4D X-Ray Analysis of Graphite Nucleation and Growth during Solidification of Ductile Cast Iron DTU Mekanik 01 AUG 18
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