20 JUN

Professor Per Møller receives William Blum’s Scientific Achievement Award

Per Møller, Professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark, received the prestigious award within surface technology at the...

19 JUN

From smoke to bad fish: DTU students invent new uses for sensor technology

A sensor that can register smoke from a fire can also be used to register even the faintest odeur of bad fish. This is what a team of students behind the recently started...

Food, fish and agriculture Entrepreneurship Innovation and product development Construction and mechanics
13 JUN

Ten researchers receive grants for 'wild' experiments

VILLUM FONDEN is giving ten researchers up to DKK 2 million (EUR 268,000) each in funding to explore novel ideas. The money is earmarked for innovative and ‘wild’ ideas...

Biotechnology and biochemistry Energy Physics Information technology Medicine and medico technology
13 JUN

Prolonged lifetime for orthopedic implants

Populations in modern societies have an increased expected lifetime, as the development has been in Denmark for the last 16 years, and so accordingly the number of patients...

Materials Medicine and medico technology Health and diseases
08 JUN

Dr. Kim Carneiro receives euspen’s Lifetime Achievement Award

Dr. Kim Carneiro, senior adviser at DTU Mechanical Engineering and former CEO of DFM, The Danish National Metrology Institute, was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award...

Construction and mechanics
Photo: Mikal Schlosser
17 MAY

Royal inspection of eco racer

On Tuesday, 16 May, HRH Prince Joachim visited DTU to inspect this year’s eco car which will shortly be competing to win the Shell Eco-marathon 2017 in London.

No fewer than 70,000 bricks—carefully divided into shapes, colours, and purpose—are needed in order for the students to carry on production throughout the game. Photo: Mikal Schlosser
16 MAY

Students run factory with 70,000 LEGO bricks

LEGO cars helps students understand the complexity of modular production and product development, helping them to prepare for the real world that awaits after graduation...

Construction and mechanics
11 MAY

New technology summit focusing on digitization

In September, DTU will host Denmark’s first university-driven technology summit focusing on the digitization of Danish industry. Under the theme of digitization, the summit...

11 MAY

Philips shaving off years of development time

Stainless steel components in electric razors and other consumer products are becoming ever smaller. And they must be produced with high precision. According to a collaborative...

Materials Metals and alloys

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