29 MAR

In deep water—project work for students

Already as first-year students on the courses offered by DTU Mechanical Engineering, students find themselves in deep water with project work and everything it involves...

Energy Construction and mechanics Combustion engines
27 MAR

PhD Defence 5th April: "Metric-driven Robust Design – Robustness Quantification...

Simon Moritz Göhler from DTU Mechanical Engineering defends his PhD, "Metric-driven Robust Design – Robustness Quantification of Complex Engineering Systems", Wednesday...

27 MAR

Phd Defence 5th April: "Perceptual Robust Design"

Søren Nygaard Pedersen from DTU Mechanical Engineering defends his PhD, "Perceptual Robust Design", Wednesday 5th April from 9.00 to 13.00. The Defence takes place in...

24 MAR

We must act now to achieve our goal

Oil, gas, and coal must be phased out and replaced by renewable energy. However, to ensure we have sufficient energy to cover our future needs, we must be able to store...

Energy Energy storage Energy systems
24 MAR

Upgrading of biogas at full speed

Biogas is currently not as valuable as natural gas. But it could be.

Bioenergy Energy storage
24 MAR

Modular plants to upgrade biogas

A new concept makes investing in the required upgrading technology affordable for the biogas sector.

Bioenergy Energy storage
24 MAR

Hydrogen from 'reverse fuel' cells

Haldor Topsøe ’s plant produces hydrogen using electrolysis based on patented technology developed in partnership with DTU. The process fits well with biogas upgrade.

Bioenergy Fuel cells Energy storage Energy systems
23 MAR

Two top researchers receive millions from VILLUM FONDEN

Two professors from DTU receive generous grants from VILLUM FONDEN of DKK 31 million and DKK 39 million, respectively.

Construction and mechanics Physics
14 MAR

PhD Defence 27th March: Modelling of floating fish cage dynamics with computational...

Hao Chen from DTU Mechanical Engineering defends his PhD, "Modelling of floating fish cage dynamics with computational fluid dynamics", Monday, 27th March, at 14:00. The...

07 MAR

MICROMAN: Enhancing micro manufacturing competences in Europe

The MICROMAN project is developing micro manufacturing competences for research and industry—a contribution to a stronger and more competitive manufacturing industry in...

Construction and mechanics Materials

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