Professor Rajan Ambat appointed Honorary Professor of Amity University

Friday 23 Feb 18


Rajan Ambat
Professor MSO
DTU Mechanical Engineering
+45 45 25 21 81
Professor Rajan Ambat from DTU Mechanical Engineering, Section of Materials and Surface Engineering, has been awarded an Honorary Professorship of Amity University, India, in recognition of his research activities in the area of climatic reliability of electronics devices and materials. He received the distinction at the ICTUS 2017 conference at Amity University Dubai campus on 21st December 2017. 

As part of this appointment, Rajan Ambat will give guest lectures and help Amity University in establishing various research areas related to materials, corrosion, and surface engineering including climatic reliability of electronics. The honorary professorship will provide an opportunity to further strengthen the collaboration between DTU and fast growing Amity University in various research areas.

Climatic reliability of electronics is a major concern for the industry, because a lacking control of the micro climatic conditions inside electronics, such as too much humidity, cause the devices to stop functioning properly. Professor Rajan Ambat has done extensive research within this field, and the research activity in his group is done in close collaboration with a number of major European industries including Danfoss, Vestas, Grundfos, Eltek, Bosch, and others.

Various research activities on climatic reliability include material, component, PCBA, and device level issues, and mitigation methods. Presently he is the Chairman for the Working Party on Corrosion reliability of electronic devices under European Federation of Corrosion. More information of his activities on this subject can be found at:

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