PhD Defence at DTU Mechanical Engineering

PhD Defence 5th April: "Metric-driven Robust Design – Robustness Quantification of Complex Engineering Systems"

Monday 27 Mar 17

Simon Moritz Göhler from DTU Mechanical Engineering defends his PhD, "Metric-driven Robust Design – Robustness Quantification of Complex Engineering Systems", Wednesday 5th April from 14:00 - 18:00. The defence takes place in Building 341, Auditorium 023. Associate Professor Thomas J. Howard is supervisor.

Variation is omnipresent – no two manufactured products are exactly the same or are used in exactly the same way and under the same conditions. Robust Design is a strategy to address variation already in the development phase in designing products that are inherently insensitive to variation. In this PhD project, the quantification of robustness as an important cornerstone of Robust Design was investigated. The meaning of robustness and what metrics exist were assessed and clarified.

Furthermore, the influence of the complexity of a product on its robustness against variation was researched. It was found that there is indeed a relationship: the product robustness reduces with an increase in complexity. This insight can be used to estimate the robustness of concepts already in the early design phase as an improvement over the current situation were mature models are required. To utilize and operationalize the results of the studies in practice a variation management framework and tool was developed. It captures and integrates information and knowledge from analyses across the domains of marketing, engineering and production to supply the highest level of insight to support metric-driven Robust Design. The tool was tested in two case studies and proved to be useful and applicable.

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