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EnergyLab Nordhavn awarded with the Danish Energi og miljøprisen 2018

Wednesday 07 Mar 18


Brian Elmegaard
Head of Section, Professor
DTU Mechanical Engineering
+45 45 25 41 69

EnergyLab Nordhavn accolated for its innovative approach to developing the future intelligent and integrated energy system.

Tuesday 6 March representatives from the Danish energy sector met at the Energiforum in Nyborg and awarded EnergyLab Nordhavn with this year’s Danish “Energi og miljøprisen”. The award was presented to a candidate who has achieved substantial results and has increased the public knowledge of energy topics. Head of Section, Thermal Energy, Brian Elmegaard is responsible for DTU Mechanical Engineering's part.

In the selection the committee has highlighted the following:

The future fossil free energy system requires that we think across supply and demand. EnergyLab Nordhavn demonstrates how you by integrating electricity and heat, energy efficient buildings and elctric transportation will have an intelligent energy system - a mind-set that breaks down the usual barriers in the sector and opens up for new intelligent solutions. That is why EnergyLab Nordhavn receives the ‘Energi og miljøprisen 2018’.    

Also nominated were ‘Bygningsstyrelsen’ and ‘COOP’ but EnergyLab Nordhavn came out as the strongest and most innovative candidate.

Breaking down barriers in the energy sector
“EnergyLab Nordhavn breaks down the traditional silo mentality in the energy sector and view supply, demand, buildings and the city as one. That creates space for intelligent utilization of energy and addresses exactly what we believe are the future solutions”, comments Lars Thygesen, Chariman of Energiforum   

EnergyLab Nordhavn is extremely pleased to receive the recognition. Project Manager, EnergyLab Christoffer Greisen elaborates:

A large share of renewables in our energy systems demands that we come up with new solutions where technology, data and systems interacts across sectors and organizations. These new solutions, with all that they imply, are tested in EnergyLab Nordhavn where utility companies, industry, authorities and a university work together in close collaboration to demonstrate the solutions in practice and display how the solutions contribute to maintaining a high security of supply – also in future energy systems. We are therefore very proud to receive the ‘Energi og miljøpris 2018’ at the Danish Energiforum.

Solutions for cities all over the world
The award also emphasize that the solutions developed in Nordhavn can be copied and implemented in cities all over the world. Especially the active use of heat capacity from buildings but also the intelligent linkage of energy data from both housing and commercial buildings with data from district heating and the grid has huge potentials.

Fotograf: Julie Malmstrøm

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