07 DEC

New generation of 3D printing requires almost no post-processing

In collaboration with three Danish companies, researchers from DTU have now proved that metal 3D prints can be produced with almost no post-processing.

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Photo: Simon Klein Knudsen
07 NOV

New DTU centre to test very large and very small structures

Today sees the inauguration of DTU’s new centre for advanced structural and material testing.

Construction and mechanics Materials
13 JUL

From atoms to windturbines: World-class materials modelling

What properties do materials have, and how do they behave under different loads and circumstances? Provided that reliable models capable of predicting the above are available...

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12 JUL

No more designing a new solution for every customer

The Danish company no longer designs a new balcony for each client, but allows the customer to design the balcony the company can supply. The code word is modularization...

Construction and mechanics Production and management
11 JUL

PhD Defence 16th August: Numerical Modelling of flow and compression of green...

Emil Hovad from DTU Mechanical Engineering defends his PhD, "Numerical Modelling of flow and compression of green sand", Wednesday 16th August from 13:00 - 15:30. The...

Construction and mechanics
29 JUN

New models can predict when offshore constructions will fail

Emilio Martínez Paneda from DTU Mechanical Engineering has developed a new model that can predict when and how cracks will initiate and propagate in structural components...

Materials Ships and offshore constructions
19 JUN

From smoke to bad fish: DTU students invent new uses for sensor technology

A sensor that can register smoke from a fire can also be used to register even the faintest odeur of bad fish. This is what a team of students behind the recently started...

Food, fish and agriculture Entrepreneurship Innovation and product development Construction and mechanics
08 JUN

Dr. Kim Carneiro receives euspen’s Lifetime Achievement Award

Dr. Kim Carneiro, senior adviser at DTU Mechanical Engineering and former CEO of DFM, The Danish National Metrology Institute, was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award...

Construction and mechanics
No fewer than 70,000 bricks—carefully divided into shapes, colours, and purpose—are needed in order for the students to carry on production throughout the game. Photo: Mikal Schlosser
16 MAY

Students run factory with 70,000 LEGO bricks

LEGO cars helps students understand the complexity of modular production and product development, helping them to prepare for the real world that awaits after graduation...

Construction and mechanics
01 MAY

PhD Defence 9th May: "Combining Gas Bearing and Smart Material Technologies for...

Bo Bjerregaard Nielsen from DTU Mechanical Engineering defends his PhD, "Combining Gas Bearing and Smart Material Technologies for Improving Machine Performance", Tuesday...

Construction and mechanics

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