About us

The Section for Materials and Surface Engineering (MSE) performs research in the field of materials science and engineering involving theoretical, experimental, and numerical approaches. 

The research themes pursued in the section can be broadly described as:

• Materials design and surface engineering

• Microstructure evolution and phase transformations

• Materials performance and degradation

The research is multi-disciplinary and involves aspects of physics, mechanics, chemistry, and manufacturing technology.

New tendencies

The establishment of the new large-scale facilities for materials characterization MAX IV and ESS in Lund (Sweden) provides a unique future potential for multi-scale materials characterization, ranging from atomic to macro-scale. The section has played a pivotal role in the formulation of a research environment for hard materials, where multi-scale materials characterization and multi-scale materials modelling are combined to establish a beacon. It is anticipated that this beacon is established in 2017.

Expectations for this year

The section has submitted ambitious grants for new research initiatives and looks forward to starting research projects with (inter)national collaborators from academia and industry. Multi-scale materials modelling and integrated computational materials engineering (ICME) will be a focal point in relation to the abovementioned establishment of a beacon environment.  A first step will be intensifying collaboration between complementary expertise in materials modelling already present in the department.


Marcel A. J. Somers
Section head, Professor, Dr.ir.
DTU Mechanical Engineering
+45 45 25 22 50