About us

Research and teaching in thermal energy is focused on optimization of thermal systems as units for power production, refrigeration, heat pumps, internal combustion engines, fuel cells, and biomass utilization. We apply numerical modelling of systems and components and develop simulation tools for these.

This involves numerous engineering disciplines and methods. Experimental research includes facilities for performance and emission tests for internal combustion engines, and research on heat transfer in refrigeration, heat pump systems, and power cycles.

New tendencies at the section
Recently, additional researchers have been employed in permanent positions to expand the department’s expertise in the energy field. This will increase the focus on advanced topics related to complex polygeneration systems, heat pumps and refrigeration, hydrogen technology, numerical combustion analysis, and thermo- mechanical energy storage technology. This initiative has already led to new research projects in collaboration with industry, and is expected to have further impact in the coming years. The section has recently attracted significant funding for Ørsted Cofund postdocs working in the field of power cycles.

Expectations for the year ahead
Work on minimizing emissions from combustion engines for marine propulsion will be finalized and deliver novel results allowing the marine industry to comply with the strict regulations that will soon be implemented. Several projects related to heat pumps and power production based on low-temperature heat sources will present new results related to the design of cycles, working fluids, and components.


Brian Elmegaard
Head of Section, Professor
DTU Mechanical Engineering
+45 45 25 41 69