DCAMM Seminar - Some present challenges in Structural Health Monitoring: MEMS sensors and measurement systems

A DCAMM seminar will be presented by

Professor Alfredo Cigada
Politecnico di Milano, Italy


During the last decades the advent and spread of MEMS sensors have created a revolution in the way some measurements are being carried out. Some basic aspects of measurements required a deep revision of the existing approaches, especially for dynamic testing.  Attention has been redirected to new issues, including networks and of course the management of a big amount of data.

The talk will deal with the research carried out together with one of the world leading semiconductor companies to establish a pro tocol for the use of the new sensors inside new SHM applications: some examples will be provided.

Danish pastry, coffee and tea will be served 15 minutes before the seminar starts.

All interested persons are invited.

Registration: Please send an email to Lone Søvad Madsen, lsma@tek.sdu.dk


tor 15 mar 18
12:00 - 13:30




Meeting Room: Ellehammer (Ø28-600-3)
located in the TEK Building (Building 42)
SDU, University of Southern Denmark