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Senior Researcher in Characterization and Modelling of Thermomechanical Processing of Metals and Alloys DTU Mekanik 22 JUN 18
Eksternt lektorat i Computer Aided Design DTU Mekanik 27 JUN 18
Postdoc with background in Chemistry and Experience in Gas-Analysis and/or Catalytic Reactor Chemistry DTU Mekanik 29 JUN 18
PhD Scholarship in Ship Motion Dynamics Coupled with Data Analytics DTU Mekanik 30 JUN 18
Eksternt lektorat i metodisk konstruktion DTU Mekanik 02 JUL 18
Postdoc in 4D X-Ray Analysis of Graphite Nucleation and Growth during Solidification of Ductile Cast Iron DTU Mekanik 01 AUG 18
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