Best Paper Award David Bue Pedersen

Best Paper Award for David Bue Pedersen

Thursday 30 Jun 16


David Bue Pedersen
Senior Researcher
DTU Mechanical Engineering
+45 45 25 48 10
At the recently established conference for 3D print, 2nd International Conference on Progress in Additive Manufacturing, post doc David Bue Pedersen from DTU Mechanical Engineering received the Best Paper Award for the article ”A Model of Parallel Kinematics for Machine Calibration”.

In his article, David Bue Pedersen focuses on the type of 3D printers built as linear delta robots. These printers have a very complex system of moving parts, and this makes it difficult for the operator to analyze what is causing position errors in the system. Through the development of a Virtual Machine it was made possible to introduce one, and only one, error at a time, to an otherwise perfect virtual machine, in order to identify and quantify the introduced error. In the light of this information, David Bue Pedersen has developed a catalogue or a new tool for the machine operator to use in the laboratory to identify errors from this specific kind of printers. David Bue Pedersen’s article is based on a study he has made with two students, Morten Bæk Nielsen and Simon Kløve Christensen, lab engineer and head of FABLAB, Jakob Skov Nielsen and Professor Hans Nørgaard Hansen, Head of DTU Mechanical Engineering.

Additive manufacturing in progress in Asia
The conference Pro-Am, Progress in Additive Manufacturing, is a new Asian enterprise, particularly on the initiative of Nanyang Technological University as a supplement to the European and American conferences on the additive manufacturing technology. The conference was both a presentation of state of the art science and an exhibition and presentation of the commercial development of the technology. The conference also celebrated the opening of Nanyang Technological University’s new laboratory for additive manufacturing,
Singapore Centre for 3D Printing

Best Paper Award David Bue Pedersen
Professor David Bourell from University of Texas, Austin, presenting David Bue Pedersen with the award.

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