Mikal Schlosser
15 APR

Making sense from the chaos of turbulence

Turbulence flows are chaotic and impossible to predict, even using statistics. At least they have been until now. Associate Professor Clara Velte intends to challenge this...

Mikal Schlosser
23 MAR

Wind tunnels, soap bubbles, and super-fast cameras

The new turbulence research laboratory at DTU Mechanics will study turbulence through a strong combination of theory, experiments, and computer simulations.

Construction and mechanics
Fotograf: Mikal Schlosser
02 MAR

New method for designing and manufacturing micro products

Professor Hans Nørgaard Hansen has just defended his doctoral dissertation on a systematic approach to integrating design, production, and quality check of micro...

Students and company employees will be trained to be catalysts for the transition to sustainability in the Cataly(c)st project.
23 FEB

Students to speed up sustainability and circular economy

Technical universities in the Nordic region join forces to help students and company employees speed up sustainability and the transition to a circular economy.  

Climate adaption Environment and pollution Life cycle analysis
Commemorative words Maria Engracia Mondejar Montagud
19 FEB

Commemorative words Maria Engracia Mondejar Montagud

The Department has received the regrettable message that Senior Researcher Maria Engracia Mondejar Montagud has passed away much too early in life

25 JAN

DTU in the front of IEA cooperation on new motor fuels

International chairmanship will put DTU in the front of research in the adaptation of engines when new electro-fuels, ammonia and methanol, start gaining volume in the...

Marlene Schmidt Pedersen (left), Nanna Nielsen og Daniel Lilja Frykman, DTU Mekanik. Photo: Plastindustrien
26 NOV

Award-winning idea for recycling plastic in refugee camps

Three students have just received a Project Plastic award for their sustainable and economically interesting concept for recycling plastics in refugee camps.

23 NOV

New Danish model to contribute to the design of safer ships

Large container ships up to 400 metres in length will in future be designed with greater safety in mind. This will be done by updating a model developed at DTU.

Ships and offshore constructions
Heat pump at AffaldVarme Aarhus. The photograph shows the first part of the heat pump, the steam-driven chiller, during installation.  Photograph: Finn Olesen, AffaldVarme Aarhus.
19 NOV

Digital twins to improve heat pump operation

Advanced digital models are needed to optimize heat pump operation in district heating systems. It will happen by means of ‘self-learning’ digital twins, which...

Energy Energy efficiency
Provost Rasmus Larsen, Professor Frieder Lucklum, and Head of Department Preben Jørgensen, DTU Electrical Engineering. (Photo: Nadia Jane Larsen).
06 NOV

Inaugural lecture on acoustic-mechanical microsystems

Frieder Lucklum is a new Professor at the Centre for Acoustic-Mechanical Microsystems (CAMM) at DTU Electrical Engineering.

Sound Construction and mechanics Hearing aids Medical equipment and systems
05 NOV

DTU students’ rocket reaches the stars above Europe

The student project Danstar successfully launched the first student-built bi-liquid propulsion rocket on the European continent.

Space technology and instruments Innovation and product development Entrepreneurship
Foto: Bax Lindhardt
16 OCT

Three days focusing on sustainable technology and IT for girls

82 high school girls chose to spend three days during the autumn holidays in Lyngby to learn more about the technologies of the future. The girls came from as far away...

Electrotechnology Information technology Construction and mechanics
Foto: Bax Lindhardt
12 OCT

Start-up behind new plastic sorting technology

With their unique technology for sorting different types of plastics, two young engineers will make it easier for production companies to recycle plastic.

Innovation and product development Waste management
24 SEP

New analysis methods provide important knowledge about metal cracks

With a completely new X-ray analysis, DTU researchers will develop material models for use in companies that make metal products. The result means reduced material consumption...

Materials Metals and alloys Innovation and product development
Foto: Bax Lindhardt
09 SEP

DTU ranked number two in research world ranking

In the new World University Research Rankings 2020 which focuses on three core areas of university research, DTU ranks second in the world and number one in Europe.

The new solution for measuring wastewater developed by the students.
30 JUN

Students develop new method to measure wastewater

A group of DTU students has developed a simple solution to measure how much rainwater flows into sewers from roads and roofs. Now they are getting ready to start a business...

Six grants for Mechanical Engineering from the Independent Research Fund Denmark
09 JUN

Six grants for Mechanical Engineering from the Independent Research Fund Denmark

Twenty-three researchers at DTU have received grants from Independent Research Fund Denmark. Six of the grants have been awarded to scientists at Mechanical Engineering...

Foto Colourbox
03 JUN

New research leads to lighter and greener bridges

A recently completed research project revealed the potential for reducing material used for a suspension bridge deck by more than 25 per cent – meaning a saving of...

Bridge constructions Construction materials Building construction

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