Foto: Bax Lindhardt.
18 MAR

Five prestigious grants for DTU researchers

A total of five researchers from DTU receive ERC Consolidator Grants of approximately DKK 15 mio. from the European Research Council.

Mobility Transport behaviour Innovation and product development Systems analysis Medical equipment and systems Health and diseases Light sources Micro and nanotechnology Optics
Foto: Bax Lindhardt.
23 FEB

EliteForsk awards for artificial muscles and complex networks

Anne Ladegaard Skov and Sune Lehmann receive EliteForsk awards for their research. Two PhD students receive travel scholarships.

Materials Polymers Information technology Computer calculations
21 FEB

Turns up digitalization to turn down defects

The company Topsil has collaborated with DTU on reducing defects in their production through analyzing images digitally.

Production and management
Anders Bjarklev
10 FEB

Organizational change creates new departments at DTU

To support DTU’s strategy to develop sustainable technology for people and create stronger research environments, the University is now reorganizing its research in key...

Construction materials Climate adaptation Earth observation Electrotechnology
Fotograf: Peter Brøgger
02 FEB

Engineering science gains popularity in sailing

A large mathematical model of wind and water’s physical forces will help Team Danmark’s sailors to achieve top rankings internationally.

Construction and mechanics Ships and offshore constructions
Olkaria II Geothermal Power Plant, Kenya
19 JAN

Danish expertise to spread renewable energy in East Africa

Researchers will develop technology to exploit a greater share of geothermal energy in Kenya and other East African countries.

Energy Energy production
12 JAN

DTU enters wide-ranging CCUS partnership

DTU is joining forces with 18 stakeholders to implement a roadmap for carbon capture, utilization, and storage.

Energy efficiency Energy storage Energy production Energy systems CO2 separation and CO2 storage Climate adaptation
MAN Energy Solutions’ full-scale test engine at Research Centre Copenhagen. Photo Erik G. Lund
10 JAN

3D-printed engine parts can make cargo ships more eco-friendly

New green fuels and a goal of increasing performance can make it attractive to 3D print parts of the large cargo ship engines.

Combustion engines Ships and offshore constructions
06 JAN

There are cracks in everything - they provide insight

Advanced computer models of metals that deform in car accidents provide important insights for modern industries

14 DEC

Accidental discovery may revolutionize design method

An accidental discovery in a research project is to be examined further and may result in completely new methods for designing.

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