Testfacilities and workshops at DTU Mechanical Engineering

Testfacilities and workshops


If you need access to a workshop or one of our testfacilities, please speak to the person in charge of the facility.

Mechatronics:    Professor  Ilmar Santos 
Tribologi:  Ingeniørdocent Peder Klit
Non linear vibrations:  Associate Professor
 Jon Juel Thomsen 
Plasticity and fracture mechanics:   Associate Professor
 Christian Frithiof Niordson 
3D print, Fablab Laboratory EngineerJakob Skov Nielsen


Building 413 and 427 

Work shop leaders
Torben B. Christensen  B. 413

Jan Frank Pedersen B. 427

Hydraulic Engineering Laboratory:   Associate Professor Stefan Carstensen










11 AUGUST 2020