Student Projects

Bachelor Project or Master Thesis
Students at DTU Mechanical Engineering write several different projects, for example the BA - project and Master Thesis. If you need some ideas for your project, you can search in the Internship and Project Bank or take a look at the different project proposals within the different research areas at our department:

If you have your own idea, feel free to contact members of staff about a project.

A BA - project: Fatigue Analysis of Sleeve Valves
Kristian Juul and Lars Kjemtrup, tstudents from Solid Mechanics, are writing their project "Fatigue Analysis of Sleeve Valves" with Peder Klit as their supervisor. The project is made in collaboration with MAN Diesel & Turbo

BA projekt ved Sektion for Faststofmekanik
     BA projekt: Udmattelsesanalyse af glidelejer

Photo: Lisbeth Lassen, Communication Advisor, DTU Mechanical Engineering,
18 FEBRUARY 2020