Doctoral defense - Hans Nørgaard Hansen defends his thesisi , "Design and manufacturing of micro products – a framework based on process chains and metrology"


Small mechanical and electro-mechanical components are found in many products such as watches, mobile phones, hearing aids, medical devices, sensors and actuators etc. These products are typically characterized by critical dimensions or structures below 1 mm and sometimes down to 1 µm. Production of such products include use of MEMS based processing technologies and precision manufacturing technologies.

This work presents a systematic framework for design and manufacturing of micro products. It establishes methods and tools for operating in the specific dimensional interval with two different technology traditions including product and process development and quality assurance methods. The method couples the product and process side of quality assurance and control by presenting the use of traceable metrological tools and techniques to validate tolerances at product level as well as applied to process chains.


The official cometee members:

Professor Stefan Dimov, University of Birmingham

Professor Harald Bosse, Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB)

The chairman of the committee Professor Anders Kristensen, DTU Sundhedsteknologi.


After the defence, DTU will host a small reception.
If you are interested in acting as unofficial opponent or  act as a speaker at the reception, please contact the moderator, Provost Rasmus Larsen, via

Read Hans Nørgaard Hansen’s thesis online or contact the doctoral candidate (DTU Mekanik) for a hard copy.  


It will only be possible for the audience to attend the defense and reception online.


The event will be held in accordance with restrictions and guidelines regarding COVID-19. 


Fri 26 Feb 21
14:00 - 18:00
28 FEBRUARY 2021