Waves. Photo: Colourbox
27 APR

4,000 cubic metres of granite to protect fauna and coasts

How can we combine coastal protection with greater biodiversity? A new DTU project aims to investigate this topic.

Coasts and harbours Ecosystems Fisheries and fish stocks
Mikal Schlosser
15 APR

Making sense from the chaos of turbulence

Turbulence flows are chaotic and impossible to predict, even using statistics. At least they have been until now. Associate Professor Clara Velte intends to challenge this...

Mikal Schlosser
23 MAR

Wind tunnels, soap bubbles, and super-fast cameras

The new turbulence research laboratory at DTU Mechanics will study turbulence through a strong combination of theory, experiments, and computer simulations.

Construction and mechanics
Fotograf: Mikal Schlosser
02 MAR

New method for designing and manufacturing micro products

Professor Hans Nørgaard Hansen has just defended his doctoral dissertation on a systematic approach to integrating design, production, and quality check of micro...

Students and company employees will be trained to be catalysts for the transition to sustainability in the Cataly(c)st project.
23 FEB

Students to speed up sustainability and circular economy

Technical universities in the Nordic region join forces to help students and company employees speed up sustainability and the transition to a circular economy.  

Climate adaption Environment and pollution Life cycle analysis
Commemorative words Maria Engracia Mondejar Montagud
19 FEB

Commemorative words Maria Engracia Mondejar Montagud

The Department has received the regrettable message that Senior Researcher Maria Engracia Mondejar Montagud has passed away much too early in life

25 JAN

DTU in the front of IEA cooperation on new motor fuels

International chairmanship will put DTU in the front of research in the adaptation of engines when new electro-fuels, ammonia and methanol, start gaining volume in the...

Marlene Schmidt Pedersen (left), Nanna Nielsen og Daniel Lilja Frykman, DTU Mekanik. Photo: Plastindustrien
26 NOV

Award-winning idea for recycling plastic in refugee camps

Three students have just received a Project Plastic award for their sustainable and economically interesting concept for recycling plastics in refugee camps.

23 NOV

New Danish model to contribute to the design of safer ships

Large container ships up to 400 metres in length will in future be designed with greater safety in mind. This will be done by updating a model developed at DTU.

Ships and offshore constructions

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7 MAY 2021