Six grants for Mechanical Engineering from the Independent Research Fund Denmark

Tuesday 09 Jun 20

Twenty-three researchers at DTU have received grants from Independent Research Fund Denmark. Six of the grants have been awarded to scientists at Mechanical Engineering.

The six grants are:

• Chris Valentin Nielsen, MPP: MFTpro, From Micro Forming Tribology to Robust Production

• David R. Fuhrman, FVM: MPCOAST: MicroPlastic transport in the COASTal environment

• Grethe Winther and Kim Lau Nielsen, MTU and FAM: Triple-W FAM: Prediction of why, where and when metals fail

• Jesper Henri Hattel, MPP: Towards the digital twin for 3D metal printing - from multiphysics modeling to low-fidelity simulation of the laser-based powder bed fusion process

• Matteo Villa, MTU: Ortho-Titanium: Superelastic Titanium alloys for orthopedic applications (Ortho-Titanium)

• Yanlin Shao, FVM: SWIWS: Simulating Wave-Induced Whipping of Ships

At the end of May, the Independent Research Fund Denmark distributed a total of DKK 696 million to 202 researchers. See the press release and list of all granted projects (in Danish).

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