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Two top researchers receive millions from VILLUM FONDEN

Thursday 23 Mar 17


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VILLUM Investigators

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Two professors from DTU receive generous grants from VILLUM FONDEN of DKK 31 million and DKK 39 million, respectively.

Two DTU professors are among the first to receive grants from VILLLUM FONDEN's new programme 'VILLUM Investigators': Professor Niels Asger Mortensen from DTU Fotonik, and Professor Ole Sigmund from DTU Mechanical Engineering

It is the first time that VILLUM FONDEN allocates grants for 'VILLUM Investigators', The grants will give experienced and outstanding researchers from both Denmark and abroad the opportunity to focus on the research topic they are most passionate about at a Danish research institution.

Eleven Danish top researchers selected from among 101 applicants will receive a grant.

"Each of the 11 researchers have demonstrated innovative and pioneering research of the highest international quality, and each of them have the leadership skills and the potential to build and maintain an international research environment. This will be a significant contribution to technical and natural sciences—and ultimately society," says VILLUM FONDEN's Director of Science, Professor Thomas Sinkjær.

DTU recipients:

Niels Asger Mortensen, professor of solid state physics, DTU Fotonik, who receives DKK 39,898,404.

Project title: The quantum realm of metal nanostructures and enhanced light-matter interactions.

Niels Asger Mortensen works with light-matter interactions in the interface between quantum physics and classical electrodynamics. His research is aimed at making unbreakable encryption of communication and information processing faster than previously possible, as well as the development of single-molecule sensors.

Ole Sigmund, professor of solid state mechanics, DTU Mechanical Engineering, who receives DKK 31,076,106.

Project title: InnoTop—Interactive, Non-Linear, High-Resolution Topology Optimization

Ole Sigmund works with theoretical expansions and practical applications of so-called topology optimization (TO) methods—a computer-based tool for systematic design of mechanical systems within the design of extreme materials, smart materials, and flexible mechanisms, among other things. With his research, Sigmund wants to obtain new basic knowledge within TO and thus offer considerable weight reductions, reduced fuel consumption, and reduced environmental impact in, for example, the aircraft and automotive industries.

Read more about Ole Sigmund's research on DTU Mechanical Engineering's website.

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