Names from left: Dr. Tobias Lohse DynaWeld Germany, Professor Norbert Enzinger TU Graz Austria, Mohamad Bayat, Professor Christof Sommitsch TU Graz Austria, Professor Emeritus Horst Cerjak TU Graz Austria, Professor Peter Mayr TU Chemnitz Germany.

Best paper award to PhD student from MPP

tirsdag 30 okt 18

PhD Student Mohamad Bayat at the Section for Manufacturing Engineering received the IIW (International Institute of Welding) Kenneth Easterling Best Paper Award at the “12th International Seminar on Numerical Weldability” held in Austria 24-26 September 2018 for his paper entitled Multi-scale multiphysics simulation of metal L-PBF  AM process and subsequent mechanical analysis“.

The award is given to the paper which is valued by an international committee as “the best contribution made over the recent two years proceeding on the advancement of knowledge or practice in respect of mathematical modelling of weld phenomena”

Co-authors on the paper are David de Baere, Sankhya Mohanty and Jesper Hattel, all from the MPP Section at DTU MEK.

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